Improve feature: Support internal Paths in Detail tool

Issue #509 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

Expand the features of the Detail tool in Draw mode to allow creation of internal paths like pocket placement lines and dart lines. These internal paths will not have a seam allowance. These internal paths will have a different line type (dashed, thinner) than the seamline and cuttingline. If an internal path touches a seamline then it must be extended out through the seam allowance to the cuttingline.

Process: "Add main path in one mode, change mode and will add internal paths." per Roman.

Tabs might be a good way to change between modes and improve the user experience.

  • Tab 1: Enter seamline and seam allowance
  • Tab 2: Enter pocketlines and other placement lines
  • Tab 3: Enter dartlines, tucklines, and pleatlines

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    Also need grainline on each patternpiece. Grainlines will have an arrow at each end.

    Tab 4: Grainline

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    Selecting existing objects is the way to enter pocket lines, other placement lines, dart lines, facings, tucklines, pleatlines, and any other lines the user wants displayed in Detail mode and Layout mode. The styling of these objects in Draw mode will be retained in Detail and Layout mode -- they can have line styles (thinner, thicker, varieties of dashed) which differ from the Seam Line and Cutting Line. 'Enter' in the comment above wasn't intended to mean anything other than 'Select'.

    The 'Detail tool' has been renamed 'Seam Allowance tool'. Other tools have been added to the Draw mode/Detail group so 'Internal Paths' can be a tool in the Draw mode/Detail group, too.

    'Grainline' was mentioned above, but it will be implemented as a separate Detail tool, see issue #331.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Merge with feature.

    Resolved issue #406. New feature: Seam allowance tool -> Preview. Resolved issue #88. New feature: Variable width seam allowances. Resolved issue #280. New tool: 'Hem' in Detail mode. Resolved issue #509. Improve feature: Support internal Paths in Detail tool.

    → <<cset 22d8770e9636>>

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