Bug Detail tool. Case when seam allowance is wrong.

Issue #548 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

@Stinde100, provided file that had issue with main path of detail. After fixing the issue #543 new bug appeared. The seam allowance is broken. bug_seam_allowance.png

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  1. Susan Spencer

    So this involves intersection of seam allowances, and direction of seam allowances. These two items are essential factors in the algorithms for solving variable width seam allowances.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    What you see is not result of the offset algorithm. This is bug in algorithm that cut loops.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    This problem is Algorithm 1, Case 2a in the attached PDF.

    Yes, you are right and we do something very similar.

  4. Susan Spencer

    Yeah, I put the document here because there should be some continuity in discussion about total approach for seam allowances. Good that you stated the problem is in another area. So just for clarity, what is meant by 'cut loops'?

  5. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    what is meant by 'cut loops'?

    On image you can see a loop. When i cut loops i remove them.


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