Seams allowances gets "weird" and turns inward when changing measurment file

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mil sv created an issue


So this is something weird. I made a pattern, add 5mm seams allowances etc and everything was great. I then proceed to change the measurments to have the pattern in a different set of sizes. It works perfectly fine from XXS to XXL... But when I use the 3XL measurment files, my seams allowances on only one pattern piece gets weird, like if they are reversed toward the inside or something :

Capture du 2016-12-29 17-26-24.png

But when I use larger seams allowances it is back to normal :

Capture du 2016-12-29 17-31-17.png

Also, it is ok if I use 5mm seam allowances BUT "close" them.

I've checked my measurments many times and they are apparently right, Also I tried to remove / make again the detail ; All my curves are in the right direction.. I don't get it.

It is not a huge problem as I can correct this in inkscape, but I'd prefer not to if it is possible !

Thank you !

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi, is it right that you use a test build (0.5.0)?

    To be able to check and fix i need the pattern file and measurements if need.

  2. mil sv reporter


    I use, wich is the version I get when I updated Valentina last week. I'll send the pattern file and measurment file in 2 minutes !

  3. Susan Spencer

    I recreated the error on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit with v0.5.0.0.a, using 3XL.val design file & 4XL.vit measurement file (3XL.vit did not produce error) Error_seamAllowanceWithLargeSize.png

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