Show passmarks for builtin seam allowance.

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It could be interesting to have passmark even when there is no seam allowance. (edge to edge stitching is one example)

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  1. Susan Spencer

    What do you mean, interesting? ;) There is a use case for this. Many patternmakers use patterns that have no seam allowance but still have notch marks. @Mx74 you should include details from your description on the forum.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    By interesting, I mean very very usefull :-)

    I was thinking a bit more about this issue: If I understood well, currently the passmark is 25% of the seam allowance.

    When I create a pattern, any detail has a meaning for the cutterman and sewer. Having the passmark size depending on the seam allowance width, might be confusing actually. Why on the same pattern would you have 2.5mm passmark, and then 5 or 10mm passmark with no reason?

    Same with 1, 2, 3 bar, it helps distinguishing what goes were, that's great. But with a manual cut, you make 1 notch per mark. Where is the exact corresponding point with 2 or 3 bars? It could leads to imprecision. I would prefer I, T, V shape instead of 1, 2 3 bars. ( the mark is precisely shown with the sharp bottom shape of those letters).

    And a length not depending on the sewing allowance. There could be a default length set for the whole document, that could be changeable via a parameter.

    And also, I like when the mark is both in the seam allowance and on the seam line.

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