Improve feature: Rename Standard table to Multisize table

Issue #654 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

Multisize table instead of Standard table everywhere.

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  1. Ronan Le Tiec

    I will take care of this issue.

    What we want:

    In the tape application, we want to change the strings of the GUI which contain "standard" to "multisize".


    Do we want to refactor the code as well, or we just take care of the GUI?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    Enough only to fix the GUI. But you can try to refactor the code as well if you have time for this. I don't mind.

  3. Susan Spencer

    #428 is not trivial issue.

    So if you refactor this code now, it will be rewritten later.
    However, refactoring now might make issue #428 easier to implement.
    It's up to you and Roman whether to refactor now or later.
    Read up on multisize tables on the forum to find out the background on this issue.

  4. Ronan Le Tiec

    I don't mind refactoring the code so that the variables / function names etc are changed from "standard" to "multisize".

    Roman probably knows best, if it's worth it or not? Will it make it easier for the future refactoring?

    I'll read in the forum like you adviced susan, to understand better what it's all about :-)

  5. Ronan Le Tiec

    I have made a pull request, I did the changes for the GUI and the code refactoring as well.

    I didn't know how to handle the change in /ifc/schema/pattern/ (with the measurementTypes values) so for the moment I didn't to anything there.

    Looking forward to hear what you think about my code Refactoring Roman :-) It wasn't easy because the string "standard" is found in a lot of files.

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