New export: Export details without layout.

Issue #660 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

In some cases users may want export without creating a layout. Good choice if you don't care about printing or want rearrange manually and current layout step is just wasting of time.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    Good question. I think no, because in this case user can get overlapped details. Better position them according bounding rect.

  2. Susan Spencer

    The detail pieces will be arranged using bounding rects, vertical gap width, and horizontal gap width.

    Question: Will the user be asked to provide dimensions for the base size of the export file, similar to the layout dialog?

  3. Susan Spencer

    For clarification, when overlapped detail pieces are re-positioned, will the size of scene will be adjusted?

  4. Ronan Le Tiec

    I'm working on a jeans pattern with quite a few pieces and I need to order them manually anyway to use the least amount possible of paper. So it's a super functionality because in this case I don't need the layout part.

    I just tried it, and in the result the pieces are quite overlapped. It looks like they are positionied like in the draw mode. I would have expected the pieces to be positioned more like in the Details-mode.

    I uploaded the .val, .vit and the .svg result. Is this how it's supposed to be?

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