Improve export: export labels as text in DXF

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legija created an issue

When exporting to DXF (for example, to create a marker/cut file in different software), DXF works pretty well since the addition of passmarks.

However, any text added to labels in pattern pieces, are converted to lines, and are then rendered unreadable by the receiving/importing software. This then leads to manual work where you have to designate which fabric and how many pieces need to be laid on the marker. For volume work this is too much work and thus not practical in real-world usage of Valentina.

The text right now looks very "nice". It doesn't however, need to look nice. Real, sloppy, un-anti-aliased looking text would suffice and would probably be easier to convert to MTEXT in DXF.

This way, valentina could provide easily usable data to other systems which posess capabilities valentina doesn't have (yet! ;))

Attached is also an example of how text is usually detected (this from optitex)

^ mtext definition

Note for myself: This task will require redesign in two places: Class VTextGraphicsItem should start probably using QGraphicsTextItem for showing text. Redesign part that draw text on layout detail.

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  1. legija reporter

    Attached a DXF straight from valentina (no inkscape involvement as it's not necessary nor helps convert the text)

    And how it looks after importing.

    You can see how the text is read as lines/curves and points

  2. legija reporter

    I guess for purposes of comparison, this is how it looks when I do it the other way around

    this is standard DXF not AAMA, that standard is not necessary.

  3. legija reporter

    just text would do, as long as it's attached to the piece I guess importing will recognize it.

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    @bespoketailoring, i can't fix this issue right now. We in middle of feature freeze and this issue is not trivial.

  5. Aleksej K

    I agree with bespoketailor, in order to use Valentina for production purposes it necessary to have following functionality:

    • different marker for each fabric type
    • plotter friendly font for markers

    Otherwise user can create garment, but the has a problem to get it out from Valentina.

    Problem Currently Valentina uses font for markers which are not compatible with pen plotters. (fonts are not optimized and it takes a minute to print two letters. Normally it takes two minutes print whole marker including all inscriptions) Pen plotters are most commonly used to print markers in production environment.

    Solution To use single-line font for markers. (those fonts are optimized for engravers, plotter, etc.)

    Below there is an article on how inkscape extension makers solved this issue. Maybe it will be helpful

  6. Susan Spencer

    AutoCAD's multi-line text. You can set margins and have all text wrap within those margins Useful for formatting issues

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