Weird behaviour of the passmark

Issue #671 resolved
Timo Virtaneva created an issue

The passmark 108 is behaving weird depending on the added seam allowance of the previous point. Look the video.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Okay, i need test your file on virtualbox. Looks like float point accuracy issue.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Thing is the latest changes now in release branch. Because we in feature freeze.

  3. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    I tested with version changeset: 4648:e73fc4d748e5 branch: release tag: tip user: Roman Telezhynskyi date: Wed Apr 26 11:22:42 2017 +0300 summary: Small improvements for passmark.

    The basic problem is solved. Thanks However the small value problem remains. Look pictures

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