Labels are turning oposite directions

Issue #672 resolved
Timo Virtaneva created an issue

The labels are turning opposite directions. Latest build.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Please, build the latest code from release branch. As i remember correct this issue should be fixed.

    What do you use to manage mercurial repository? Can you show me the commit hash you are using now?

  2. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    No change, still opposite directions I tested with version

    changeset: 4648:e73fc4d748e5 branch: release tag: tip user: Roman Telezhynskyi date: Wed Apr 26 11:22:42 2017 +0300 summary: Small improvements for passmark.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Refactoring. Join similar parts from methods that update labels. ref #672.

    Issue #672 that this part better to refactor to eliminate more issues in future.

    → <<cset 3391e5770da1>>

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