Second control point at beginning of curved path - bug

Issue #679 resolved
legija created an issue

Second control point at end of curved path does not "keep" it's formula.

See example file. Take the beginning of a curved path, use the angle box, fill in the formula, take the angle from the angle of another line, sometimes it will hold, sometimes it won't, reverting back to a regular number. This happens throughout all my files.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    You probably don't understand how it works. A curve path constructed to control segments of simple curves and keep them always smooth in points of connection. That's why each point (except for first and last) in path contains information about two control points. When you edit first angle it automatically adjust (+/- 180 degree) the second angle. All you need is to control one angle (the first or the second).

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