Difficult to enter numbers in Tape

Issue #688 resolved
Grace de Man created an issue

When entering the base size and increments, after the point, one has to delete the next character before one can type it. For instance if you enter 12.75 you must type the 12.(delete)7(delete)5. Is there a way that the 00 after the . is not predicted? or can be over-written without having to delete the zero's?

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  1. Grace de Man reporter

    I'll try to explain it differently... Normally, if you type 12.75 into the 'Base Value' field, you will expect to only hit those keys. However, on Windows 10 (I don't know on other systems), when you hit the 12, everything is fine, then when you hit the . (point) the field after the point is automatically populated with 00 which cannot be over-written. If you double click on the 00 after the point, to highlight it, and then type the 75, as soon as you type the 7, the 0 after the 7 is populated and can't be over-written. So then you must delete the 0 and type the 5 to get 12.75 entered into the Base Value field. It is the same in the 'In Sizes' and the 'In Heights' fields.

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