New feature: Sort workpiece "Groups" by name

Issue #693 resolved
legija created an issue

I'm working with a 70 piece file. All Details have different names - Named accordingly for left and right and with the same naming convention.

However, the names just get randomly(?) sorted. Would be great if we could allow sorting either by default or by choice. Right now to enable/disable a detail with a large amount of details it's difficult to find some of them.

apiece_l apiece_r bigpiece_l bigpiece_r

instead of

bigpiece_r apiece_l apiece_r bigpiece_l

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  1. Ronan Le Tiec

    I'd like to help again with developing valentina, this issue is good to start with. Is that ok if i give it a go?

    What we want to do :

    in "Details", sort the entries of "Group" by name.

    Correct me if I got it wrong.


    Should the caption be named "Details" or "List of Detail" instead of "Group"?

    In "Draw", do we want to sort the entries of "Group" and the entries of the drop-down "pattern piece" by name as well?

  2. legija reporter

    Best name would be " Details" or "Workpieces".

    Sorting entries of groups in draw mode would be nice as well!

  3. Ronan Le Tiec

    I have the 3 lists sorted, now I need to figure out how to change the string "Group".

    For the name I'd go for "Details" to stay coherent with the name of the mode. But I can put whatever you prefer!

    I'll go on by the end of the week and then make a pull request.

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