Issue: Error when using measurement A23 waist_to_floor

Issue #718 resolved created an issue

When you add waist_to_floor to a measurement file, the TAPE application inserts a formula, which happens to be incorrect. The waist to floor measurement should be a simple entered measurement. The measurement diagram associated with A23 is correct. The formula "height_waist_front - leg_crotch_to_floor" would not give a correct result.

(There are three separate measurements, A05 height_waist_side, A13 height_waist_front, and A23 waist_to_floor. The diagram shows that waist_to_floor is measured from the back of the waist to the floor. The fact that naming is not consistent among these three measurements may or may not need to be addressed.)

The problem is easy to duplicate.

Open TAPE Create a new measurement file Add new known measurement (A23 waist_to_floor)

the name of the new measurement will be filled in as "waist_to_floor" The formula will be filled in as "(height_waist_front - leg_crotch_to_floor)" which is incorrect The description will be filled in as Vertical height from Waist Back to floor. ('Height: Waist Front'' - 'Leg: Crotch to floor''). which is also incorrect.

Waist_To_Floor should be a simple measurement, which is correctly shown on the measurement diagram.

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