Improve feature: Rename "Seam Allowance" tool to "Workpiece" tool

Issue #722 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

Many users post to the forum about their confusion in creating workpieces. Some of this confusion is that they imagine that the "Seam Allowance" is added after a workpiece is created.

The current "Seam Allowance" tool has more functionality that defining the width of the seam allowance.

If the "Seam Allowance" tool is renamed to "Workpiece" tool, then it's intended usage may become more clear.

Comments (7)

  1. Yann Lossouarn

    Would "Trace new workpiece" be a good wording? It is a good practice to label action buttons as a action sentence.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    This is not an action, this is name of tool. Does "Trace new workpiece" tool sounds for you good?

  3. Yann Lossouarn

    In fact, the difference between the name of a tool, and the sentence describing what it does is often small. But using the name of a tool is often ambiguous. E.g. imagine you have a "Layers" tool, with appropriate icon, that opens a toolbox with the list of layers. If you simply call it "Layers", users may wonder whether it will show existing layers, or create a new layer. If you call it "Display layers", users will expect a list to be displayed and implictly know creation/edition/deletion actions will be managed from the list. On the contrary, if you want to put a button triggering a "create layer" action, it will be easier to understand if you call it "Create new layer". This is why I suggest using an action sentence in the tooltip, like you used for "Create new group" or "Rotate objects", which is fine. For reference, you can have a look to Inkscape, which is pretty well designed from that point of view.

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