Info Box Beside Mouse

Issue #750 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

The origin idea come from this discussion.

So right now if you want to check the length or angle of a line or curve, you need to go to the variable table and search for it, very inefficient. The right side bar is too full for more info, so I thought of two other places:

One is beside the mouse, or “Hover to show info”, basically a small box appears when you place your mouse over an object displaying its info, this is my personal preference as it feels like the most direct way.

Two is a dockable bar placed on top or bottom. While this would work, I always find it distracting to move my eyes from the object that I’m pointing at to the status bar, GIMP for instance has coordinate info on the bottom, but I never found them to be helpful.

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