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General Mac keyboard shortcut cleanup.

Reference: Apple Human Interface Guidelines for keyboard shortcuts.

  • Proposing to bind Command-O to the File->Open (.val file) function (in line with AHIG).

  • Proposing to bind Command-P to File->Layout->Print and Command-Shift-P to File->Layout->Print Preview (in line with AHIG).

  • Proposing to bind Command-Shift-D to File->Pattern Properties (in line with Inkscape).

  • Proposing to bind Command-Option-D to Pattern Piece->Config Pattern Piece (logical continuation of the Pattern Properties shortcut).

Low priority/severity. I hope the proposals do not clash with other language versions.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    For Tape, Command-O could Open individual. The logic behind it is that it's the icon already on the toolbar, thus the default choice. Command-Shift-O could open multisize. Command-Option-O a template.

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