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Leona Leonard created an issue

Unable to add or edit images from Pattern properties, 'Pattern' tab.

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  1. Ronan Le Tiec

    Leona, you need to do a right click on "no image". Then you will have the possibility to add an image. If you stay on the "no image" with the cursor of the mouse, you will see a tool tip telling you to "call the context menu for edit" (right click).

    Until now I never tried to do a right click on "no image", I always thought it was a function that was still to be implemented. A thought maybe to help this function be a bit more intuitive : a small edit button (with a pencil-icon) that shows on mouse hover and when doing a left click on it, also opens the context menu?

  2. Leona Leonard reporter

    Thank you, Ronan for the response. I actually did right click, and selected (open) the image file (jpg) but nothing was uploaded. I got to use this feature in the earlier versions (for some weird twist I did manage to upload the image but could not repeat it again this afternoon). I find this feature useful especially to remind me the sewn product or where I got the draft notes from.

  3. Ronan Le Tiec

    Ok, sorry I was just guessing that you didn't know how to use the function. The screenshot you uploaded is so small that we can't recognise anything. You gave us very little information, so we don't know how to reproduce. What version of valentina? What operating system? Can you also upload hier the .val , .vit and the .jpg file that you used? Sometime a problem can be related to the specific files you are using and won't happen with other files.

  4. Leona Leonard reporter

    So sorry, I shall upload a bigger image and also all the files and information.

    Operating system: Windows 10 pro, 64-bit, x64-based processor

    Valentina version: Valentina Version .jpg


    The following image is older file that I was able to upload an image but now, I am unable to change the image. older_pattern_properties_image_upload.jpg

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