Defining a "closed" internal path

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Ronan Le Tiec created an issue

In some cases we want to have a closed internal path. For instance for a dart in the back part of a shirt.

Right now we can't select the first point again, and because of this we can't close the internal path.

A solution would be to allow selecting the first point, another would be to have a check box "is closed path" and when checked it makes automatically a line between the last and the first point.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    @DSCaskey, First of all your comment doesn't bring any useful information that will help to fix this issue. The second, i intentionally avoid knowing anything about "commercial garment CAD programs". If you don't believe in us, why not use those CAD systems in first place? Why spending time on this project?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    @crazyrori I just recently did Aldrich Men's tailored shirt pattern in Valentina and the 39-40-41 dart is effectively a closed internal path. It comprises of two curves -- 39 -> 41 and 41 -> 39. I selected the first curve going south, then the second curve going back north (effectively closing it) and added them as an internal path (cut on fabric).

    I think it's what you want. Would it work to create the dart as two separate curves (one directed south, one north) instead of a single closed path? Or is having two paths a show-stopper?

    I don't think it was ever possible to have a closed curved path in Valentina.

  3. Ronan Le Tiec reporter

    Thanks @JZ, curves are one solution. Another solution I used is to have 2 internal paths. It looks like it's a closed path in the Detail mode but in reality it's 2 different paths (with your example it would be E39-E40B-E41-E40A and E40A-E39).

    The solution I used is a work around, it would be an enhancement to allow closed path (wether with a check box or allowing to select the start point again).

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi, i did not get a chance to test this issue. And i would be nice to have several test patterns prepared for me.

    Personally i think Valentina should allows closed internal path as one piece. Some users export patterns in DXF-AAMA. In this case it's better to have one piece. Also don't forget, i added special option that allows bypass strict check for point uniqueness. @crazyrori, i told you about this option as i remember.

  5. Ronan Le Tiec reporter

    I can make a few test pattern tonight or tomorrow.

    Yes indeed you told me about the uniqueness option. If we can set the flag to false while adding the elements to the internal path, that might me enough.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    @crazyrori I now see what you mean. If the dart is made using straight lines/by selecting points it won't be closed.

  7. Ronan Le Tiec reporter

    I attached a simple pattern, you can test it with creating an internal path using the points A7-A9-A8-A10.

    If you start with A7, it's not possible to select it again at the end to have a closed path. By default, the flag "check_uniqueness" is set to true, and it's not possible to change it while choosing the path. Once the path is chosen, it's possible to change the value of the uniquess flag for each point, but it's not possible to add new elements at this stage.

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