6 testsuite failures building for s390

Issue #918 closed
Jonas Smedegaard created an issue


Building Valentina for s390 fails 6 tests in the testsuite:

FAIL!  : TST_FindPoint::TestCurveIntersectAxis(Angle 0 degree) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (result)     : QPointF(515.72,238.941)
   Expected (resultPoint): QPointF(515.72,238.941)
   Loc: [tst_findpoint.cpp(552)]
FAIL!  : TST_FindPoint::TestCurveIntersectAxis(Angle 180 degree) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (result)     : QPointF(77.8886,238.941)
   Expected (resultPoint): QPointF(77.8886,238.941)
   Loc: [tst_findpoint.cpp(552)]
FAIL!  : TST_FindPoint::TestCurveIntersectAxis(Ignore base point) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (result)     : QPointF(409.367,79.9382)
   Expected (resultPoint): QPointF(409.367,79.9382)
   Loc: [tst_findpoint.cpp(552)]
FAIL!  : TST_VAbstractPiece::EquidistantRemoveLoop(Issue 298. Case1) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (ekv.size())    : 30
   Expected (ekvOrig.size()): 31
   Loc: [abstracttest.cpp(63)]
FAIL!  : TST_VAbstractPiece::BrokenDetailEquidistant(GAVAUDAN Laure.) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (ekv.size())    : 19
   Expected (ekvOrig.size()): 21
   Loc: [abstracttest.cpp(63)]
FAIL!  : TST_VAbstractPiece::BrokenDetailEquidistant(Issue #687.) Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (ekv.size())    : 22
   Expected (ekvOrig.size()): 23
   Loc: [abstracttest.cpp(63)]

Full build log: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=valentina&arch=s390x&ver=0.6.1%7Edfsg-3&stamp=1546372398&raw=0

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    TST_VAbstractPiece::EquidistantRemoveLoop TST_VAbstractPiece::BrokenDetailEquidistant(GAVAUDAN Laure.) TST_VAbstractPiece::BrokenDetailEquidistant(Issue #687.)

    Add to ignore if you want. You can wrap with ifdef. Different platforms produce slightly different result.


    As to this. To fix this need to improve tests. Check is too precise.

  2. Jonas Smedegaard reporter

    Sorry, can you please guide me with one of them, how to correlate the error message to the source piece needing to be ifdef'ed, then I can do similar for the rest.

    Quoting Roman Telezhynskyi (2019-01-01 21:26:59)

  3. Jonas Smedegaard reporter

    Thanks, I can confirm that changeset 0a47a319a945 indeed fixes variability across several archs (not only s390).

    Quoting Roman Telezhynskyi (2019-01-02 15:13:14)

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