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Issue #6 resolved

New Account registration

Andrew Peterson
repo owner created an issue

If a public test server is to be feasible, then new account registration must be possible through the gui_client. This should also consist on allowing user accounts to be persistent on the server (either through plain text or SQL database).

=== Development Notes: === Currently, Anonymous logins to the Twisted service is disabled on the server. For registration to happen, the client must be able to connect to the server without credentials (either anonymously, or using special "registration" credentials) to register a new user account. A Registration Window would have to be designed on the Client. * Proper "user already exists" checks must be performed.

Comments (3)

  1. Andrew Peterson reporter

    Added a Register button on the LoginWindow. Clicking it will connect to the server using a registrar account and attempt to create a user for the username/password currently entered. Investigation is needed to determine why we still see a cred.error.UnauthorizedLogin exception even when registration is successful. closes #6


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