Missing web link to commit on Jigit tab

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The column "revision" is not a link, I can only copy the sha of the commit with the provided button.

I'm using gitlab 9.2.5 and Jira 7.7.1.

Link between Jira & Gitlab is configured by using a group of Gitlab.

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Stefano,

    It's not a bug. This means that repository (from column Repository) was deleted without data deletion of its commits at the config page. Add-on has no info about repo URL and can't build a link. In this case Jigit displays only a commit hash.

  2. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    repository was not deleted, it's there...


    Do all commits from this repo are displayed without links? What about recent commits?

  3. Stefano Coletta

    Yes, all commits and from all repos, including recent ones and even those taken from different Gitlab groups.

  4. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I've found the cause of the issue. Links are not displayed if their repositories has been configured as parts of groups. If these repositories were configured separately links would be shown.

    I'll fix it in coming days.

    Sorry for being hasty and closing this issue earlier.

  5. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for reporting this bug. I can't believe that noone else haven't seen this problem.

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