Integrate Jigit with GitHub Enterprise

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I'm having some issues when attempting to configure the plugin with GitHub Enterprise.

I get the following Error: error: . See JIRA log for details.

The api call returns the following: { "message": "Not Found", "documentation_url": "" }

Cheers, Elias

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Elias,

    As far as I understood, you have tried to configure a group of repositories, right? How did you get the error? By pressing Test connection button?

    Could you provide me with the stacktrace of the error from JIRA log?

  2. Elias Tourani

    Hi Dmitrii,

    I did try to configure a group of repositories. I got this error when testing the connection.

    Here's what I see in the logs:

    2018-05-24 02:25:05,713 Caesium-3-3 ERROR ServiceRunner [jigit.indexer.JigitIndexer] JigitIndexer::execute at at at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.parse( at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.withResultOf( at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.withResultOf( at jigit.client.gitlab.GitLabGroupsAPI.repositories( at jigit.indexer.repository.RepoType$2.repositories( at jigit.indexer.repository.RepoInfoFactoryImpl.getGitlabAPIAdapter( at at at jigit.indexer.JigitIndexer.execute( at jigit.job.JigitIndexJob.execute( at com.atlassian.sal.jira.scheduling.JiraPluginScheduler$JobDescriptor.runJob( at com.atlassian.sal.jira.scheduling.JiraPluginScheduler.runJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.core.JobLauncher.runJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.core.JobLauncher.launchAndBuildResponse( at com.atlassian.scheduler.core.JobLauncher.launch( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.CaesiumSchedulerService.launchJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.CaesiumSchedulerService.executeLocalJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.CaesiumSchedulerService.executeQueuedJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.CaesiumSchedulerService$1.consume( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.CaesiumSchedulerService$1.consume( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.SchedulerQueueWorker.executeJob( at com.atlassian.scheduler.caesium.impl.SchedulerQueueWorker.executeNextJob( at at

  3. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Apparently, you are the first user with GitHub Enterprise.

    There ia a bug in a function of defining whether it's GitHub or GitLab. Jigit decides that you are using GitLab and throws the exception.

    I'll fix it.

  4. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    I'm ready to release a fixed version, but I cannot check whether it works properly with a GitHub Enterprise instance. I have no access to any instance.

    Are you still interested in Jigit? Could you help me with the testing? I can provide you with the new version and instructions. All you need to do is to install the add-on from provided file, edit repository settings and make sure that Jigit works as expected.

  5. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner


    I've attached the new version which supports GitHub Enterprise. You have to install it, go to Jigit setting and explicitly select GitHub as a type of the host. Than, click Test connection and wait for synchronization of commits of DevOps-Powershell repositories.

  6. Elias Tourani

    Hi Dmitrii,

    I just finished testing it. I explicitly added Github and the connection test was successful. I also tested out a commit with the JIRA issue in the commit message and I can now see the commit details in JIRA under the jigit tab.

    Thanks for your assistance!

  7. Maggie Gu

    Hi @dmitry_apanasevich,

    I met this issue too after I upgrade Jigit to version 1.2.7. The Jigit works fine before I upgrade. Now it doesn' work.

    Could you please have a look?

    Thanks -Maggie

    2018-07-15 18:55:43,714 http-nio-8080-exec-87 ERROR *** 1135x4924896x3 19c1zi4 /rest/jigit/1.0/repo/test [jigit.resource.JigitAdminResource] An exception was occurred while testing a repository ***** http://gitlab.****.com//api/v4/projects/***%2F***/repository/branches/master
        at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.parse(
        at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.withResultOf(
        at api.client.http.ApiHttpRequester.withResultOf(
        at jigit.client.gitlab.GitLabRepositoryAPI.getBranch(
        at jigit.indexer.api.gitlab.GitLabAPIAdapter.getHeadCommitSha1(
        at jigit.resource.JigitAdminResource.testRepo(
        ... 3 filtered
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        at com.sun.jersey.spi.container.JavaMethodInvokerFactory$1.invoke(
        ... 13 filtered
        ... 1 filtered
        ... 41 filtered
        at com.atlassian.web.servlet.plugin.request.RedirectInterceptingFilter.doFilter(
        ... 53 filtered
        ... 1 filtered
        ... 16 filtered
        ... 20 filtered
        at com.atlassian.jira.servermetrics.CorrelationIdPopulatorFilter.doFilter(
        ... 10 filtered
        at com.atlassian.web.servlet.plugin.request.RedirectInterceptingFilter.doFilter(
        ... 4 filtered
        at com.atlassian.web.servlet.plugin.LocationCleanerFilter.doFilter(
        ... 29 filtered
        at com.atlassian.jira.servermetrics.MetricsCollectorFilter.doFilter(
        ... 28 filtered
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
        at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.TaskThread$
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