index all repositories in a group, not only the first 20

Issue #43 resolved
Johan Risén created an issue

Problem We have 80 repositories in a group and this plugin seems amazing for us as it allows us to configure jira integration for all repositories for a group in one place.

Problem is the jigit plugin seems to only index commits in the first page of repositories (using default sorting "last created" in gitlab). There are 20 repositories default in a page in gitlab.

Solution proposal To avoid pagination issues when using the gitlab api set the per_page request parameter to 100. This is a very simple solution that will allow users to have a maximum of 100 rather than 20 repositories in a group and still use the jigit plugin successfully.


an more complete solution is to use the page parameter to properly paginate

Best Regards Johan

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for reporting. Of course it's better to fully support pagination.

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