Empty diff with no files causes ExecutionException

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Dietmar Rothkamp created an issue

Hi Dmitry,

when using your nice plugin together with my new local GitLab server, I got a exception when indexing one of my repositories (see attachment stacktrace.txt).

The exception happend, when the plugin sends the following GET request:


The result JSON (see attachment diff.json) contains for some unkown reason an empty last element

        "old_path": "",
        "new_path": "",
        "a_mode": "0",
        "b_mode": "0",
        "new_file": false,
        "renamed_file": false,
        "deleted_file": false,
        "diff": ""

which seems to cause the problem. Unfortunately the plugin retries this action infinitely :-( In my opinion the behavior of the GitLab API is not ok, but it would be good style to handle these results properly.

Best regards, Dietmar

NB my program versions:

Jigit: 1.2.7

Jira: 7.2.4

GitLab: 11.1.4

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Dietmar,

    Thanks for such a comprehensive description. I'll fix the issue.

  2. Dietmar Rothkamp reporter

    Hi Dmitrii,

    That was a very fast response. I've installed the new version and it works properly. Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards Dietmar

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