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This look likes my grandma house dress bought using myntra coupons at myntra store, right down to the white cording along the whole dress. I like this dress on my grandma but it makes the model look a little frumpy. Maybe if there was some gathers under the bust it would help out the overall shape of this dress. As far as comfort goes I’m sure this dress would get an A+ in that category because it is so loose and long. This is a cute dress for around the house or maybe to the beach but I definitely wouldn’t wear it on a night out. Its available at Myntra for very cheap price

A lemon colored shift and a tall glass of lemonade, what could be better on a hot summer day. Many people say that they hate yellow but I think that shit dress could change their minds. This shade of yellow would look on virtually anybody unless of course you have an existing sunburn, then you probably wouldn’t want to bring out the rosey glow of your skin. The “Dahlia” is the perfect dress to wear to that all day long summer concert you’ve been wanting to go to, see and you said you didn’t have anything to wear. Myntra has many variation of this available at discounted price.

This is the “Emiko” in grape. I would love to see “Emiko” in as many colors as possible! This dress is a little ballerina-ish with its full gathered skirt and modest top. Typically I’m not much for waist belts and I especially dislike things that are too matchy matchy. While this belt is the exact same color as the rest of the dress it works because it doesn’t call too much attention to itself it just looks good. Emiko would fit in nicely at the theatre, ballet or your nearest symphony hall. Check Myntra clothes section for this.

I think Marilyn Monroe at Myntra would wear this dress in a heartbeat. Playfully named the “Soho Cherry” this dress has a very pinup vibe to it. It is longer than most dresses available right now which is unique. The hemline falls below the knee and the neckline is way above your cleavage. This means not only can you wear this dress out and about with friends you could wear it to church the next morning too. Yes I know that kind of a brash suggestion but its true!

I love that Myntra chose to pair up so many of their dresses with flip flops. I have a sneaking suspicion that this brand is from the west coast based on that alone. If you’ve ever lived on the left coast or the surrounding states you know that flip flops are a summer staple especially with our summer dresses. For this reason alone I will never forget Myntra.