docker daemon seems to interfere with credentials presentation

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Issue #9 resolved
Greg McNutt created an issue

failure case: - have a build gradle that works off the [default] credentials for an AWS account -- e.g. the credentials used to get the ECR token are based on [default] profile - prove that the credentials auto populate and work for an ECR push with a very clean ./gradlew publish - now re-run the push, except prefix with something like AWS_PROFILE=stg ./gradlew publish -P awsRepo=the-stg-ecr-repo

In this case, the gradle daemon plus the caching in the plugin seem to re-use the old credentials. e.g. we're having trouble getting a single flow to push to two repositories -- even though they are two separate invocations.

killing the docker daemon between seems to work. similarly, removing the .gradle/ecr-* files helps too

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