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BigWeather / User Guide

Welcome to the BigWeather user guide

Thank you for using BigWeather.

Please note that I don't get paid to develop this software, I wrote it for myself but decided to share with the Garmin community free of charge.

I'm a dedicated runner, passionate about my health/fitness and been an owner of many Garmin devices over the years (305, 310, 910, vivofit to name a few).


Please ensure that you are using the following :

  • 6.10 firmware AND latest GPS on the 920XT!
  • 3.30 firmware AND 2.80 GPS on the vivoactive!
  • Garmin Express version or later.

Operation Guide


BigWeather needs the following in order to work :

  • GPS fix
  • Bluetooth connection to the phone
  • Phone has internet connection

How Does BigWeather work?

BigWeather first attempts to get a GPS fix. Once it has a GPS fix, it tries to communicate with the phone, it does this via bluetooth. Once that connection is established a call is made via 3G, 4G, Wifi etc to the interet to get the weather data using the latitude and longitude co-ordinates. Two requests are made, one for the current weather and a second for the forecast weather.

Weather Data

BigWeather uses a free source to get it's weather data -- Open Weather Map

Please do not leave bad ratings if the weather is not correct, please contact Open Weather Map!

Switching pages

BigWeather has muliple pages of weather data. To switch between pages use the enter key on devices that have the enter key or simply tap the screen on devices that have a touch screen. The pages show :

Page 1

This is the main page and shows you the current weather :

  • Icon representing the weather
  • Large temperature
  • Short description
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction

Page 2

The second page shows you more weather

  • Minimum and maximum temprature (forecast)
  • Humidity percentage
  • Cloudiness percentage
  • Pressure in hPa
  • Sunrise and sunset times


This is the 3 day forecast page

  • Minimum and maximum temperature
  • Humidity

Page 4

This is the about page, it shows the following information :

  • BigWeather version
  • Latitute and longitude
  • Time stamp. This is the time the weather data was captured
  • Memory
  • Firmware version


User customizable settings

Not applicate at present.

Device settings

These are device specific settings (see your devices user guide). Depending on the devices setting, BigWeather will show :

  • temperature in C or F.
  • sunrise and sunset times in either 12 or 24 hour format.


If you like BigWeather and want to help me make these rather splendid watch faces and apps for the community please see consider making a donation.


Give what you think it's worth. Anything you kindly donate is very much appreciated. I don't get paid to develop this software so please bear that in mind :-)

Thank you!

Reporting bugs and requesting enhancements

Please don't leave bug reports and feature requests when leaving feedback, please visit the Issue Tracker