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BigWeather / Version History


Added degree symbol to the temperatures (but not on main, big temperature)

Added firmware version on 'about' screen

Cosmetic changes

  • Layout tweaks
  • Center the big temperature as opposed to right justify


Updates for CIQ 1.21


Use the watches last known position if possible else use saved last known position

Forecast data is now three days (reduces memory and load times) plus 4th day forecast probably inaccurate

Added latitude and longitude to the about screen

Added memory usage to the about screen

Improved error messages, easier to read!

Added custom launcher icon for Vivo Active

Cosmetic changes

  • added second line to city display


Added cloudiness percentage

Cosmetic tweaks

  • improved layout on 4 day forecast screen
  • made the sunrise/sunset icon more consistent
  • improved error messages
  • added line behind city


Added weather description text

Added wind direction

Corrected C and F displays for Vivo Active (pls report back)

Reduced memory footprint loads!

Cosmetic changes - moved humidity to 2nd screen - moved data timestamp info to 4th screen - reduced location font size - no longer use custom font (to help reduce memory usage) - reduced bitmap sizes (to help reduce memory usage) - a bunch of layout tweaks


Added minus sign for negative temperatures

Icon for clear weather wasn't showing

Corrected wind speed conversions!

0.03 - (Beta version)

Major rewrite!

Fixed the C/F issue (hopefully - if you have any issues please let me know the details)

Improved the 5 day forecast - Woah! It was out by one day! - Added the day name - Temp shown is now high and low - Reduced loading time and display of null sometimes

Cosmetic changes - Loading screen tweaks - Made the white text easier to read by making the shadow more pronounced

0.02 - (Beta version)

Add five day forecast (weather and temperature)

Vivoactive version - tapping the screen changes screens

Show temperatures in C or F depending on watch mode

Show AM/PM on sunrise/setset times if watch in 12 hour mode

Show high/low not min/max for temperature

Now show wind speed in km/h not m/s for metric display

Better error handling if phone is not connected to internet

Reduced memory footprint

Fonts improved for consistancy across devices

Cosmetic fixes - shadow on sunrise time was incorrect - layout tweaks

0.01 - (Beta version)

First version!