Satellaview DAT bug: Not needed here

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Issue #223 resolved
TheShadowRunner created an issue


The latest Nintendo - Satellaview (20201226-093906).dat is used.

All my roms are uncompressed.

RC says “Not needed here” for a couple of roms and I can’t find a way to fix it..

If I zip those yellow roms, RC sees them as green / ok, but I don’t want them compressed and the other roms are ok uncompressed so it doesn’t make sense to me.

Attached is a pic showing the issue, and one of those yellow “not needed here” rom.

Thanks for your support.

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  1. TheShadowRunner reporter

    Bug is still there with latest Satellaview DAT and RC 4.1.1.

    Again for certain roms, RC wants them either zipped or in their own folder otherwise it always displays yellow /  “not needed here”.

    For 90% of the other roms that does NOT happen.


    • load latest Satellaview DAT.
    • download
    • extract and add the extracted folder to RC.

    As you can see:

    Dr. Mario BS (Japan) (3-3) is green.

    Jewel of Live II (Japan) (Memory Pack) is yellow.

    → they should both be green

    The only way to fix Jewel rom to green is either to zip it or to place it alone in a folder of its own name, such as:

    Jewel of Live II (Japan)\Jewel of Live II (Japan) (Memory Pack).bs

    Please fix so that the rom gets green in RC, like the others, without needing to be zipped or in a specific subfolder.

    In the DAT file itself, there is no difference whatsoever between entries that are problematic in RC and those that are not, it’s a mystery.

    <game name="Dr. Mario BS \(Japan\) \(3-3\)">
    <description>Dr. Mario BS (Japan) (3-3)</description>
    <rom name="Dr. Mario BS \(Japan\) \(3-3\).bs" size="1048576" crc="B5E1F82E" md5="8D2020463CA6AE2A2E2F8F632E996BCD" sha1="E02B1B50D0928AF8E0688392F7424B4C5EFA7471"/>

    <game name="Jewel of Live II \(Japan\)">
    <description>Jewel of Live II (Japan)</description>
    <rom name="Jewel of Live II \(Japan\) \(Memory Pack\).bs" size="1048576" crc="B2550AFB" md5="D3CFE6545F8C27E293BA42BBE2217EB5" sha1="A134FFD765DB8F357BD48DE871ADF0C579730B83"/>

    Thank you for your support.

  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Fyi, the problem comes from the fact that this rom has a different name than the game name.
    game: Jewel of Live II (Japan)
    rom: Jewel of Live II (Japan) (Memory Pack)
    That’s why rc want to store the rom in a zip.
    I have disabled this behaviour for console dat.

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