Problematic key value is ("GAMEID" = 29531, "GAMEROMID" = 102332)

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Issue #267 resolved
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Error with 0.236

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    If you can provide the romcenter rdt file (the database file produced), it could help.

  2. Nebular Nerd

    The Arcade .dat was from me just trying to find a solution (and wanting a pure Arcade only dat for RetroArch), the Arcade built 0241 dat did work for me at the time where the full MAME build would not (giving the error mentioned in both threads), which semi pointed to maybe the issue laying in the MESS portion of the dat.

    When I retested after Eric mentioned he had had no issues I found that I could also now make a full working dat (inc. MESS/Mechanical) from the official mame0241b_64bit.exe build that I had re-downloaded, as to why this was the case all of a sudden who can say, like you I do not have the first copy of 0241b to do a compare against to see if something had changed. Given at the time I used both the official and beta Romcenter builds it’s odd both they and RetroArch did not like the dat’s but after the retest they all behaved as expected without issue.

    I imagine if you try now with mame0241b_64bit.exe you would find that it also works just fine, it’s a weird one as three of us had the fault but I can no longer reproduce it.

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