lynx plugin (random crc)CRC/SHA1 incorrectly reported on verified good torrent7zipped files.

Issue #93 resolved
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All my files are torrent7zipped using the latest version, most of them are seen as good by RomCenter, but some of them get a wrong CRC/SHA1 report.

If I do a reload, some of them will be reported as good and then as bad.

It's random, but currently I have between 15 and 23 Atari Lynx Headerless roms, torrent7zipped using version 0.9.1 that are falsly reported as bad.


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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    I don't agree. Two roms with different headers, (or no header) are the same game. They have been extracted from a unique physical rom. The core binary part is identical. The header is added by the hardware you use to extract the rom. And you can convert a rom with header1 to a rom with header2. So there is no need to keep all of them. The plugin will give the same crc for all these rom and correctly identify the game with only one dat.

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