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Issue #97 resolved
Steve Beaudoin created an issue

For game armora in "Roms" path.

Created another path "Downloaded Roms" with samples obtained from Downloaded a single sample, armora.

Refreshed the "Roms" path.

In armora in "Roms" path, the samples have the name "x". In the armora rom in "Downloaded Roms" path, they are named "x.wav". I suspect this is the reason why it don't says the samples are "Available in another game".

Refreshed the "Roms" path, it says the sound samples have bad names for armora. Asked to fix the file names, says it rename the sample files "x" to "x.wav", it has renamed them, but the file still says "bad name" and it still don't says they are available from another game,

For armra in "Downloaded Roms" path, asked to fix it, RC got the missing files from game in "Roms" and fixed it entirely.

Expected : armora in "Roms" path fixed by (a) renaming the "x" samples with "x.wav" - done but still says there is an error and (b) obtaining the sample file from armora in "Downloaded Roms" path.

I put "major" priority as this makes the rom unplayable and also because this is a problem with a major functionality of the program.

For the following, both "downloaded roms" and "roms" path has been refreshed.

Image A

Path "downloaded roms", rom 005. Many samples, including "dropbomb.wab" in green, so the name and CRC must be ok.

Image B

Path "roms", rom 005. The samples are missing, red icon. Repair does not change the name so they must be ok. Does not recognize the same samples from the same rom in "downloaded roms" path.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Hi Just tested as you say, but I haven't met any problems. The .wav is not recorded for samples because there are several sound format allowed. Can you post the log file and a picture showing the problem ? Thanks

  2. Steve Beaudoin reporter

    I will, as soon as the repair operation I launched finish as I can't cancel it ;-). Running since 14 hours still. I hope Windows does not restart my system due to an update before it finished!

  3. Steve Beaudoin reporter

    Path "Downloaded Roms", rom 005 contains many samples including "dropbomb.wab". Icons are green, so the name should be ok.

  4. Steve Beaudoin reporter

    If I fix the game in "Downloaded Roms" (the one who contains only the samples), it correctly fix it with the help of the files in "Roms" path. If I then use file explorer to copy this file from "Downloaded Roms" and remplace the one in "Roms" and then refresh the "Roms" path, it see it as fixed in the "Roms" path. I am using this walkaround from now on.

  5. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    I confirm the problem. It occurs only when you add the rom, and then samples. Reloading rom path will fix the problem. I will fix that.

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