Add Service Desk Filtering

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Eddie Webb repo owner created an issue

Follow up on #5, allow list of Service Desk Portals to show page on. (still will show everywhere on JIRA side)

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  1. Danielle Wheatley

    Would love to see this option added! We're in the process of adding our Human Resources and Facilities teams into JIRA Servicedesk, and they're not super happy about having our IT status take up a significant chunk of their support portals.

  2. Eddie Webb reporter

    Hi @SGCdwheatley,

    Filtering a single JSD portal is easy enough, quick mockup to specify the Portal ID in admin config, only that portal will show status. Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.03.24 PM.png

    But before I ship anything this weekend, do you think the main "Help Center" (the summary of all desks available) landing should Always or Never show the status?

  3. Danielle Wheatley

    Hi @eddiewebb !

    Looks great!! I think probably "Never" for the main help center makes the most sense, since it isn't IT-specific but more of a hub for all customer portals.

    Cheers, Danielle

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