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Various types of essays have been developed. These different types of essays are developed for different purposes. For instance, an argumentative essay is to carry out a detailed discussion on a topic and present arguments to persuade one side of the topic will oppose the other. Similarly, a critical essay is the type of essay in which the personal experiences of the person or the writer, or the different imagery or real events of the writer are reflected. A professional writer of a essay writing service once said: In a critical essay an effective writer makes sure to share his personal experience or imaginary or real event in such a way that it attracts the attention of the readers at the very first glance. In addition to that in a critical essay, the writer should convey his point clearly and effectively.

Writing critical essays is very easy as it is a clear reflection of the experiences of the writer. However, still, there are some students and even fresh writers who find it difficult to write effective critical essays. This is because they are not able to effectively communicate the real events of the experiences they had. This is the reason some of the students are heard telling their friends “Please write my essay”. However, writing effective critical essays is not something that cannot be learned.

Meaning that some tips can help via essay writer in writing effective critical essays especially when you are facing issues In communicating your ideas or experiences. Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you write effective critical essays:

We all pass through several experiences in life. Some of those experiences are so impulsive that they leave a permanent mark on our life. These experiences might be good or bad. However, based on my personal experience I think that bad experiences in life severely affect the lives of some people. I have to write my essay for me and numerous bad experiences but all of them were not as severe as was my recent experience. I level up the severity of my previous experience not just on the basis of its effect at that very moment but also on the basis of the effect that it lasted on my entire life. The bad experience that I had recently come up with was a road accident.

There is nothing in life that is more valuable and precious for me than my loved ones. Some people regard parents, friends, and relatives as their loved ones. But for me, my cat is also included in this list. Recent road accident I am talking about, I lost my most beloved companion i.e. my cat. He has been with me for almost four years. I never thought I'd come up with a situation when life would be difficult without him.

I was not in my senses but even in that situation, my eyes were continuously searching for my cat. I got lost when my eyes stopped at the point under the wheels of the truck where my cat was found dead and was fully covered with blood. I lost my senses at that very moment and became unconscious. Somehow we were taken to the hospital. We were provided with the necessary treatment. When I opened my eyes after a day I found that my cat was not there with me. Upon asking the nurse I found that my parents were fine but my cat was no more with me. It was a loss that severely influenced my entire life. I feel no one in this entire world will ever be able to take the place my cat had in my life.

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