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Issue #1679 resolved
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Thorns MPI and hwloc should be updated to current version.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    hwloc has been updated to 2.0.4 in git hash 5155046 "hwloc: update included tarball to 2.0.1 (#1)" of ExternalLibraries-hwloc (the commit message is not quite correct about the version used).

    MPI has been updated in git hash f90a8ac "MPI: update included tarball to 4.0.2" of ExternalLibraries-MPI

    SystemTopology supports hwloc 2.X as of git hash 009d0a3 "SystemTopology: add support for hwloc 2.0" of cactusutils and aacb23f "SystemTopology: list expected cache types instead of range checking" of cactusutils.

  2. Roland Haas

    Updating hwloc and building it causes unexpected side effects when using the Intel MPI stack.

    Intel’s libmpi.so library contains its own copy of hwloc and exports the hwloc functions eg hwloc_get_api_version. This causes conflicts with the copy of hwloc provided by the tarball in the hwloc ExternalLibrary thorn. A workaround is to modify MPI_LIBS to ensure that libhwloc.a is linked first (normally it appears after libmpi.so b/c MPI optinally uses hwloc):

    # list hwloc here before mpich so that out own, self-build hwloc gets used and
    # not the one embedded in libmpich
    MPI_LIBS = -Wl,--exclude-libs,libhwloc.a hwloc mpi mpifort

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