remove deprecated CalcTmunu support from TmunuBase

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Issue #2448 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

In the 2012_11 Ørsted release the support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism was deprecated #1105 and has been up for removal since them.

Removing this mechanism is beneficial since the mechanism relied on USES INCLUDE headers which were used in inner loops and contained CCTK_IsThornActive call which would execute in each inner loop iteration (see meeting minutes for 2013-12-02).

Pull request finally removes it

Associated pull requests to handle thorns that used this functionality (Exact) and would not show up in Tmunu anymore are in comments below.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    Remove ADMCoupling from tests and use ML_ADMConstraints instead of (non-existing) AMDConstraints to make tests run (again):

    Other related changes to re-enable tests lost when ADMConstraints was removed:

    • #2449 NewRad cannot be used with Cartoon2D due to 1 interior point only

  2. Roland Haas reporter

    Applied as git hash 5a412c0 "TmunuBase: remove deprecated support for old CalcTmunu mechanism" of einsteinbase

    Applied as git hash 5191f6c "IDConstrainViolate: regenerate test data" of einsteininitialdata

    Applied as git hash 6adaab9 "GRHydro: regenerate constraint data for tests that used ADMConstraints" of einsteinevolve

    Applied as git hash 303a845 "LeanBSSNMoL: remove ADMCoupling from tests" of lean_public

    Applied as git hash b844285 "NPScalars_Proca: remove ADMCoupling and ADMMacros from tests" of Proca

    Applied as git hash e3f303f "EinsteinExact_Test: regenerate constraints test data" of EinsteinExact

    Applied as git hash 8666c241 "RotatingSymmetry90: regenerate constraints data" of cactusnumerical

    Applied as git hash 3ba9271 "OpenCLRunTime: reduce optimization setting in device-info file" of cactusutils

    Applied as git hash 785b952b "CarpetRegrid2: remove ADMCoupling from tests" of carpet

    Applied as git hash 13521997 "ADMMass: remove unused ADMConstraints thorn from test" of einsteinanalysis

    Applied as git hash dd0d3037 "ML_BSSN_Test: remove ADMCoupling from tests" of mclachlan

    Applied as git hash c233ed6 "GiRaFFE: remove ADMCoupling from tests" of wvuthorns

    Applied as git hash 86870d7 "smallbPoynET: remove ADMCoupling from tests" of wvuthorns_diagnostics

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