ET website "capabilities" page only lists McLachlan but not lean_public or Baikal

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Roland Haas created an issue

The ET website page currently only lists McLachlan:

Vacuum Spacetimes

Evolution of vacuum spacetime is provided by the McLachlan code. McLachlan solves the Einstein vacuum equations in 3D Cartesian coordinates using adaptive mesh refinement and can be combined with matter codes for modeling spacetimes containing matter. McLachlan is implemented using the Kranc package. Features of McLachlan include:

The other two codes should be added here based on their description in the release notes of the release they were first added or their README files.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    We should also decide if other “big” parts of the ET should be added. Eg TwoPunctures, FLRWSolver, other ID solvers and readrs, kuibit, Selfforce-1D.

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