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General Podcast guidelines

  • Purpose
  • Schedule
  • Format
  • Discussion Guidelines



  1. Release information
  2. Official news
  3. Major* community projects

News reportage style.

Effectively reading official blog out loud with more than 1 person.


Natural priority:

  • Security Releases
  • Major Releases
    • features
    • deprecations
  • Minor Releases
    • features
    • deprecations
  • Updates
  • Upcoming Conferences/Events
  • Community requests

  • other "important" packages? Criteria for "important" could be something like:

    • potential to be integrated
    • was once part of project
    • major work by core contributor


Very clear schedule and format. Sparse rather than chatty.


  • Regular "period" (eg once a month)
  • Major release special with Release manager.

Discussion Guidelines

  • Assume "Intelligent Listener"
  • Provide technical background:
    • design decisions
    • details about decision-making process
    • friction about the decision and its resolution (or not)
  • Deference to author:
    • person who created/worked on the feature
    • has greatest depth of knowledge
  • Speak to personal expertise
  • As a Reference:
    • "like a dictionary": won't teach you to read, but doesn't assume exaustive knowledge
  • Don't speak if you don't have experience/expertise
  • Stay "en piste"
  • Minimal editorialising
  • Minimal hyperbole