NonStorage flow-thru inflow not in downstream link.

Issue #38 closed
Bob Lounsbury
created an issue

In a network where a flow-thru has storage contract water and no bypass credit link defined the proper amount is delivered to the flow-thru and shows up correctly to the return node's "flow-thru inflow". But that flow-thru inflow is not in the downstream link.

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  1. Bob Lounsbury reporter

    Closes #38. All flow thru test networks appear to be working. FireOnError messages changed to FireOnMessage messages to keep progress bar visible. Speed improvements were made to saving an .xy file and loading an xy file into the GUI. Multilink bugs I created were corrected. And Iteration meaning was changed behind the scenes, in essence an iteration in now either a natural flow step if the network has no storage owners or the natural flow step plus the storage step if a network does have owners. This was changed because convergence is checked on the storage step.

    → <<cset cab7795908a5>>

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