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vim-qt / Features


The goal is to introduce features that make vim-Qt more attractive to work with, or just sleek to look at.

Dockable Bars

The toolbar and tabbar can be docked in various positions, or float around separated from the window. Check the Showcase for examples of this feature.

Movable tabs

Tabs are movable using the mouse to drag then to their new location


You can place enable/disable fullscreen mode using:

:set fu
:set nofu

When fullscreen mode is enabled changing the size of the Vim shell cause it to became centered within the window. For example if you want a setup similar to Writeroom

:set guioptions=-mT
:set fu
:set columns=100

Themed GUI

Qt widgets can be easily customized using stylesheets. No reason we should not use this feature to customize the gui elements. All the native Qt widgets can be customized (toolbars, menus, tabs, etc), however the main Vim editor must still use regular vim color themes. The widgets are themed using a Qt stylesheet placed at $HOME/.config/Vim/ Here is an example stylesheet

MainWindow {
    background: qlineargradient(x1:0, y1:0, x2:0, y2:0.11,  
             stop:0 #a2a2a2, stop: 1 #424242);  
    color       : white;  

QToolBar {  
border-bottom   : 1px solid #333333;  

QToolButton::hover {  
background  : red;  

QMenuBar {  
color       : #eee;  

QMenuBar::item::selected {  
background  : transparent;  

QTabBar::tab {  
background  : transparent;  
color       : #eee;  
border      : 1px solid #333;  
padding     : 5px;  
padding-left    : 10px;  
padding-right   : 10px;  
color       : #ccc;  
border-radius   : 4px;  

QTabBar::tab::selected {  
color       : white;  
font-weight : bold;