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Getting started


As a first step we will use Reprimand to reduce the complexity of code we implement. Instructions for this are found here

CarpetX ideas

  • ideas: call scheduled functions with full MFab: done
  • ideas: use OpenMP tasking or similar to have a more task based scheduling

CarpetX implementation tasks

  • vertex centered grid functions by default: done
  • test multi-node GPU support: done
  • checkpoint / restart
  • test a qc0 run or similar to compare results and speed to Carpet w/o subcycling in time
  • subcycling in time, likely using runge-kutta prolongation
    • allow flexibiliy of subcycling vs no subcycling on a per level case, currently partially implemented

CarpetX desired feature list

Science runs would be say a MHD driven supernova with tracer particles and a neutrino evolution scheme. This would require these abilities:

  • cell centered grid with AMR for fluid
  • vertex centered grid with AMR for metric
  • staggered grid for magnetic field
  • subcycling in time
    • Runge-Kutta prolongation into mesh refinement boundaries to avoid "buffer" zones (which AMReX may not support)
  • some sort refluxing for fluid due to subcycling in time
  • some sort of monopole avoiding prolongation scheme for B
  • some sort of scheme that conserves magnetic flux at mesh refinement boundaries
  • interpolators to get values of fields at particle locations
  • reduction operators for min, max, sum etc.
  • checkpoint and recovery
  • 3d output for visualization: done
  • GPU support
    • for RHS calculation: done
    • for AMR operators
    • for everything else