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EspecWeb / RESTful API documentation

RESTful API documentation has been moved.

Depending on which version of the firmware your web controller has the documentation will be found in a different location.

Not sure which version you have? See the screen shots at the bottom.

Firmware Version 3

This version has been shipping since April 2022. The documentation for this version is generated dynamically based on the chamber configuration. Documentation can be found at:

Firmware Version 2

This version was used from Jan 2017 (2.1.0) thru March 2022 (2.5.12).

RESTful API documentation Firmware Version 2

This documentation also works for Firmware Version 3 using a built-in adapter layer, but it is not recommended for new development.

Firmware Version 3 Screen Shot

Version 3

Firmware Version 2 Screen Shot

Version 2