===== ABOUT =====
This library provides an easier interface to introduce Checkpoint/Restart and dynamic process recovery capabilities in your program.
Both of these features can be used independently as well as combined.
AFT-option can only be used if complied with ULFM-MPI.

===== Supported types and features =====

1) POD (double, int, float etc.)
2) POD Arrays, multi arrays
3) GHOST: ghost_densemat
4) PHIST: Mvec, SdMat 

===== REQUIREMENTS =====
1) Requires MPI. Dynamic process recovery requires the compilation with ULFM-MPI.

===== INSTALLATION =====
1) mkdir install; cd install
2) ccmake ../
 Provide CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. Configure according to your requirements. 
3) make; make install

===== USAGE ===== 
Check craft-user-guide.pdf

===== NOTES =====
Async. CP support: Async. checkpoint feature requires the application to have MPI_Init_thread with MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE, and does not work with the current version of ULFM-MPI. Thus, Async. CP and AFT do not work together.