possible bug, cdc2 missing from 'signalling' network diagram

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Issue #83 closed
Valerie Wood created an issue

In the signalling network


I don't see cdc2 ....

http://www.pombase.org/spombe/result/SPAC24H6.05 (it is a substrate of cdc25 and both are annotated to signalling)

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  1. Valerie Wood reporter

    Hi Dan,

    I am seeing cdc2 (SPBC11B10.09) in the current slim under signaling:

    See : GO:0023052 signaling 395 5052 7.82% 395 5380 7.34% SPAC1006.06, SPAC1006.08, SPAC1006.09, SPAC1071.12c, SPAC1093.03, SPAC110.01, SPAC110.03, SPAC11E3.06, SPAC11E3.09, SPAC11E3.11c, SPAC11H11.04, SPAC1296.03c, SPAC12B10.14c, SPAC13A11.01c, SPAC13G6.15c, SPAC1420.01c, SPAC144.13c, SPAC1556.03, SPAC1556.08c, SPAC1565.02c, SPAC1565.04c, SPAC1565.06c, SPAC16.01, SPAC167.01, SPAC1687.09, SPAC1687.15, SPAC16A10.04, SPAC16C9.07, SPAC16E8.09, SPAC1705.03c, SPAC1782.05, SPAC1782.09c, SPAC17A5.09c, SPAC17C9.10, SPAC17G8.10c, SPAC17G8.14c, SPAC17H9.09c, SPAC1805.01c, SPAC1805.05, SPAC1834.08, SPAC1851.03, SPAC1851.04c, SPAC186.06, SPAC18B11.04, SPAC18B11.07c, SPAC18B11.11, SPAC18G6.03, SPAC1952.16, SPAC1952.17c, SPAC19A8.01c, SPAC19A8.03, SPAC19D5.01, SPAC19E9.02, SPAC19E9.03, SPAC19G12.06c, SPAC1A6.04c, SPAC1B3.11c, SPAC1B9.02c, SPAC1D4.02c, SPAC1D4.06c, SPAC1D4.11c, SPAC1D4.13, SPAC1F3.02c, SPAC1F3.03, SPAC1F5.09c, SPAC1F5.11c, SPAC1F7.04, SPAC20H4.08, SPAC20H4.11c, SPAC21E11.03c, SPAC222.10c, SPAC227.07c, SPAC227.15, SPAC22E12.07, SPAC22E12.14c, SPAC22E12.16c, SPAC22E12.17c, SPAC22F3.05c, SPAC22F3.12c, SPAC22F3.13, SPAC22F8.11, SPAC22G7.08, SPAC22H10.04, SPAC22H10.07, SPAC22H10.11c, SPAC22H10.12c, SPAC23A1.06c, SPAC23C11.11, SPAC23C11.16, SPAC23C4.08, SPAC23C4.12, SPAC23D3.03c, SPAC23E2.03c, SPAC23G3.05c, SPAC23H3.03c, SPAC23H3.08c, SPAC23H3.13c, SPAC23H4.02, SPAC23H4.14, SPAC24B11.06c, SPAC24B11.11c, SPAC24H6.05, SPAC24H6.09, SPAC25A8.01c, SPAC25B8.13c, SPAC26A3.09c, SPAC26A3.10, SPAC26F1.01, SPAC26F1.09, SPAC26F1.10c, SPAC26H5.07c, SPAC27D7.14c, SPAC27E2.09, SPAC29A4.11, SPAC2C4.05, SPAC2C4.10c, SPAC2F3.12c, SPAC2F3.15, SPAC2F7.02c, SPAC2F7.03c, SPAC2F7.16c, SPAC2G11.07c, SPAC30.01c, SPAC30C2.05, SPAC31A2.10, SPAC31A2.12, SPAC31A2.16, SPAC31F12.01, SPAC31G5.09c, SPAC31G5.11, SPAC343.19, SPAC3C7.06c, SPAC3C7.11c, SPAC3F10.10c, SPAC3G9.05, SPAC3G9.16c, SPAC3H1.12c, SPAC3H1.13, SPAC458.03, SPAC458.05, SPAC4A8.03c, SPAC4A8.07c, SPAC4A8.12c, SPAC4C5.02c, SPAC4D7.01c, SPAC4F10.04, SPAC4F8.13c, SPAC4G8.04, SPAC4G8.05, SPAC4G8.13c, SPAC4H3.11c, SPAC513.03, SPAC56F8.16, SPAC57A10.02, SPAC57A10.04, SPAC57A7.08, SPAC57A7.11, SPAC5D6.07c, SPAC5D6.13, SPAC630.05, SPAC630.12, SPAC630.13c, SPAC637.13c, SPAC644.06c, SPAC644.18c, SPAC694.06c, SPAC6B12.13, SPAC6B12.15, SPAC6F12.06, SPAC6F12.12, SPAC6F6.01, SPAC6F6.08c, SPAC6F6.15, SPAC6G9.04, SPAC821.12, SPAC823.03, SPAC823.15, SPAC824.09c, SPAC890.03, SPAC8C9.03, SPAC8C9.14, SPAC8E11.02c, SPAC9.07c, SPAC9E9.07c, SPAC9G1.02, SPAC9G1.09, SPAC9G1.10c, SPACUNK12.02c, SPAP8A3.09c, SPAPB18E9.02c, SPAPB1A10.10c, SPAPB2B4.03, SPAPYUG7.02c, SPBC106.01, SPBC106.10, SPBC119.07, SPBC119.08, SPBC119.15, SPBC11B10.07c, SPBC11B10.09, ......

    This is the file from http://curation.pombase.org/dumps/latest_build/pombe-embl/supporting_files/ (it is time stamped 8 Nov but the file is identical to the one in the releases directory http://curation.pombase.org/dumps/releases/pombase-chado-v47-2014-10-27/pombe-embl/supporting_files/ on 27th Oct)

    Let me know if you still think that there is an issue at our end.


  2. Dan Bean

    The slim file we're using is one you emailed us a quite while ago, I didn't know it was on the pombase server. I'll copy that one across for now, will the urls be stable there (like the interaction data files)? Thanks!

  3. Dan Bean

    I'll copy it over manually for now but to do it automatically we really need stable filenames - maybe Kim can create another symbolic link?

  4. Dan Bean

    The slim file we're using is one you emailed us a quite while ago, I didn't know it was on the pombase server. I'll copy that one across for now, will the urls be stable there (like the interaction data files)? Thanks!

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