Spaced branch prefix "+ " broken the CheckOut command

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Issue #164 resolved
Dmitry Kasatsky created an issue

Issue Description

Git prefixes some branch names by spaced prefix, e.g. “+ “ for branch checked out in another working tree. Such names recognize as two parameters instead one and break the command.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create any branch (e.g. branch1)
  2. Checkout master branch
  3. Create working tree
  4. Change directory to working tree directory
  5. Checkout branch1 in working tree
  6. Return to main repo directory
  7. Check name of branch1, must be “+ branch1“
  8. Try to checkout branch1

Actual Result


Expected Result

Valid git error message: fatal: 'branch1' is already checked out at '<working tree directory>'

Comments (2)

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