Coupling between the frontend and the backend

Issue #138 resolved
Loïc Girault created an issue

I'm working on a refactoring tool that uses only the frontend of extendj, and thus I found two unwanted dependencies toward the backend. For reproductibility just run the ant frontend task in java 8.

The problem comes from the equation boolean BodyDecl.isField() located in java4/backend/GenerateClassfile.jrag Once this equation has been imported to be able to compile the generated java classes, the FieldDecl.hasInit() method located in java4/backend/CreateBCode.jrag is also required. If these two methods/equations are moved in some frontend files, the frontend is correctly decoupled from the backend.

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  1. Jesper Öqvist

    Thank you for reporting this! The coupling was introduced by a recent refactoring in the code generation. I created a job to build the Java 8 frontend on the ExtendJ continuous integration server so I don't accidentally break this again in the future.

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