signature() attribute has wrong value for ConstructorDecl (fix provided)

Issue #71 resolved
Sergiy Kolesnikov created an issue

Example code:

class Node {
    Node(String name) {}

The value of the signature attribute for the Node-constructor is Node(AST.ParameterDeclaration) instead of the correct one Node(java.lang.String).

It is a regression after commit 8dbee0d, after which ASTNode.toString() does not pretty print AST nodes any more.

The fix is to replace the line 116 in java4/frontend/LookupConstructor.jrag with this one:


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  1. Jesper Öqvist

    Thank you for spotting this! I am sorry I did not respond to this earlier - I have had email notifications disabled for bitbucket so I did not notice this issue until just now. I am testing this fix and will hopefully push the commit soon!

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