RagDoc Builder

This is a tool for building documentation metadata for JastAdd projects. RD-Builder outputs JSON files with documentation metadata. The documentation can be viewed with RagDoc Viewer.


Build the tool with Gradle:

./gradlew fatJar
java -jar rd-builder.jar -version


Run RagDoc Builder on the generated JastAdd code, just like a regular Java compiler. The output is written to the path specified by the -d option:

java -jar rd-builder.jar -d docs -classpath $CLASSPATH ...

The documentation is generated as a set of .json files containing information about the classes and attributes in the input sources. This information can be viewed on a webpage using RagDoc Viewer.

RagDoc Builder can also be run using JastAddGradle. By running RagDoc Builder this way, you won't have to set up the full compile path because JastAddGradle knows how to compile the generated JastAdd code.