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A person who is buying his first house is confronted with many issues. He is going to make an investment which is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. There are many aspects which are not known to a person. In the following lines, we will provide House for sale in Islamabad some of the tips which should be considered while making the first home purchase decision.

Being knowledgeable

As the saying goes,’ a little knowledge is dangerous”, it is also applicable to the house purchase decision making. The first and foremost consideration for a buyer is price demanded by seller. A knowledgeable buyer should have ample information about the price ranges of different plot sizes in the locality where he is going to buy. With an idea of prices, it will be easier for the buyer to arrange the required funds. Another variant of this situation is to analyze the maximum amount of money which can be easily accumulated and then look out for the appropriate house. There should be a thorough enlisting of all expenditures which have to be made and then the total amount should be considered for accumulation. A person should not rely too much on banks or other financial institutions because they are ready to maximize their own profit in terms of monthly payments and interest. A correct estimate of unds available will save a lot of time for you and save you from over spending.

Differentiating needs and wants

There is some difference between a need and a want. A need is considered a necessity without which a person cannot survive. A want is something which will make life easier but its absence will not affect his chances of survival. Needs are things which cannot be changed without incurring considerable costs to the owner. A new house should satisfy all the needs and a few wants to be acceptable.


This is one of the most important considerations when you are going to purchase a house. When you visit DHA Islamabad House for Sale, proximity to other facilities such as mosque, market and main gate is an important consideration. It is also advisable to make sure that the area is well populated and the house is not isolated. The front face direction is also important for most of the buyers. It is recommended that house should be faced towards the east, North or the Northeast direction to make sure that it receives maximum daylight. 

Overview by the expert

An architect or civil engineer must be hired to make a detailed report on some basic aspects of the constructed house. This is especially true in terms of construction quality and reliability of the structure. Also make sure that you can get to talk to the neighbors about the person who made this house. Another important aspect is the quality of electrical accessories especially the wiring. Seepage is a big issue which is faced by many people. If there is a basement or lower ground floor, make sure that there is ample arrangement of taking sanitation water to the main line. All these aspects can be properly checked by experts who have been in the field over a long period of time.

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