Automatically Triggering Field Value Copy

Issue #227 resolved
Kartik Sharma created an issue

Hi Fidel,

It's me again with other question. What we discussed yesterday works now

But how do we trigger same event of copying EPIC Value to US in existing EPICs with Transition state change? Is there a way we can trigger this event without Transition state change... like is a value of a field changes in existing EPIC and on value change I would like to trigger this copying to US can it happen somehow?

Regards Kartik Sharma

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    The only solution I can give you is:

    1. Remove field Portfolio Priority Category from edit screen.
    2. Create a new screen called Edit Portfolio Priority Category.
    3. Add field Portfolio Priority Category to Edit Portfolio Priority Category screen.
    4. Add reflexive transitions (same origin and destination statuses) called "Edit Portfolio Priority Category" to certain statuses in Epic's workflow when you want to allow editing that field.
    5. Add post-function "Write field on linked issues or subtasks" to those reflexive transitions, using the configuration I gave you in Issue #225.

    With this solution your users won't be able to edit directly the field, but using a reflexive transition that will use the post-function to update the field in all the User Stories.

  2. Kartik Sharma reporter

    Sorry for the confusion but we actually want to get value of all US updated when EPIC value changes but with Transition state change.

    So what we will do is update value of existing EPICs and would like the value to be copied to US. We can't change Transition state of existing EPICs.

    Regards Kartik Sharma

  3. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Reflexive transitions doesn't change Epic's status, since they have the same status as origin and destination.

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